Some sites to look for houses/condos/Townhouses/Apartments for sale

The top real estate listing sites in Canada do offer prospective buyers an advanced level of knowledge about real estate, which was not really available a few years back. Earlier, the only way to learn about a selling property was through some licensed real estate agent or some friend. But, with time and advancement in technology, things have somewhat changed a bit. The internet is now revolutionizing the home searches and buyers are able to grab more information than ever before. However that does not play down the role of real estate agents per se. They still are at the forefront due to the procedures involved.

The real estate market in Canada may not have a wide array of choices as is in the US, however we are not without sufficient options either.. Here’s the list of the some of the best websites to look for houses for sale in this place. Good to read about specific features that every portal has to offer as such. is definitely a good place to start from, if you are in the market to look for condos, townhomes, properties or houses. The site has almost endless listings of Canada’s residential properties including condos, townhouses and apartments. It is rather easy to operate as it offers limited and worthy listings. The site does its job by providing the required information to its users. It also offers an app for the iPhone and iPad users which uses GPS to locate nearby properties for sale. Good to have a glance but the amount of information may overwhelm you.

Though has somewhat not earned a name for being the most user-friendly site, but database of the site is its life. Created by the Canadian real Estate Association (CERA), it is one of the best sites to access the public versions of MLS directly. The site covers the parts of search and major components that we expect in a listing. The best part is that has got a mobile application for all major platforms like: windows, Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad, etc. This app uses the GPS to help you with the houses open for inspection and other nearby properties available for sale. The financial tool like a handy mortgage calculator helps users taking informed decisions.

The again is one of the prominent platforms exhibiting the listings in Canada. It has the largest selection of active listings if compared to any other site. The database includes both, listings as well as projects in development. In addition to the listing and the posts related to development projects, the site includes fairly wide information about the buildings and the properties. The users can get quick information even about the grocery stores, nearby institutions, etc. The portal has numerous positive aspects and is undoubtedly a prominent platform, but sadly site is still not fully optimized for phones and does not have any mobile app which makes it even less adaptable.

Dirt is basically a social community where people share information related to the condos and small apartments. They contribute to this platform by adding photographs and complete information of the property. It’s easy to operate and being the social community channel, the users find it a bit more interesting. The properties can be followed, and finally bought using a set of laid down procedures.

So finding your preferred property in Canada is no more a daunting task. There are plenty of real estate channel like the above mentioned, offering the best options to the potential buyers.

Vancouver-1 positions itself as selective property broker, which entails that we do the requisite filtering of all properties and take it to a level that a well informed decision can be taken. Maybe you can experience that when we get along to work.