Best Time to Sell a Property in Canada, do you think you need to know this?

Best Time to Sell a Property

Yes, you should.

A home stager definitely needs to understand the real estate market clearly. Talk to any real estate agent, they’ll tell you about particular seasons for putting your property on sale. Not only seasons, in fact, there are particular days and months, when you can sell your real estate quickly and that too with handsome profits.
Maybe let’s discuss some more about the best time to sell your house or even make an offer. It may help you long term for sure.

Now let’s see which the Best Season

Most families tend to complete the home purchase before the summer months, i.e., before going out for summer vacations. As school registrations start soon after that, nobody would like to load a truck and move in the month of August. This data comes more from statistics.

Spring also offers the best opportunity to showcase your home and that’s kind of sensible too. The cherry blossoms and carouses soon after the long winter helps people feel easy of their move. The gardens are at their best as the leaves and flowers are on the trees. And, if seen financially, buyers have enough to spend in this season, that’s kind of trend tells you. With tax refund checks in the bank, buyers rarely negotiate too much over the offered prices.

Why Selling in the Spring Season?

• Buyers are kind of in abundance and spring tends to have more sales than any other month.
• The buyers tend to be there while the kids are engaged in school, and most people are going on summer vacations.
• The weather too makes the houses look big and entice the buyers.
• The home purchased in spring can be moved into in summers, this gives the buyer pretty much time to settle the deal.

However when it’s about seasons of not selling a house in Canada, remember there are very few buyers interested to hunt for a real estate during winters, which means there is kind of very low competition in the nasty weather. So not much to expect as a solid deal.

Thursday is the best day of the week to sell

Now this may look a little too exaggerated, however statistically correct. Thinking about a day to make an offer for your property may sound a bit less important, but plays a key role. If you simply list your property on Thursday, it will be easily available for showing on weekends. And, it’s a fact that, lesser a home stays in the selling market, better is its value. In the end, even if it stays in the market till next Saturday, it means 9 days only, which is not much.
It is in fact, an advantage from the psychological point of view – a single digit number.
So timing does play a role in selling a house. But no matter when you or your client is listing a house for sale, a better understanding of the buyer’s and the sellers regarding real estate can make a deal profitable any time.
At Vancouver-1, we keep looking at stats which tend to show some interesting facets and tend to share them.