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Do you Want to Keep your Tenants Happy? Here’s How

Happy TenantsAs an owner of the rental property, the most important thing is to have is reliable tenants. And, once you have found the trustworthy residents, you will definitely want them to be happy and stick with you for long. However, it requires quite a bit to maintain good relations with them. Here is a list of the actions and behavior that will help ensure that they will be in your property for the long term.

Tell them the rules when they move in

The foremost thing that you need to do as a responsible owner is to educate your tenants when they move in. You shall make them aware about the society, the rules and regulations, etc. so that they can follow them. And, if you do not do so, they may not follow them, which may lead both of you in peculiar situations. Tenant like people who are forthright, so just be clear on stuff.

Send them a welcome greeting or a letter

Everybody feels good to be welcomed. Once the tenants are inside your property, send them a welcome card. Mention that you are glad to have them in your house. Additionally, write down where they can contact you in case of an emergency or so. That should work as an ice-breaker too.

Be Ready for the final handover when they come to inspect

When the things are discussed over the phone, it gives a fair idea to the tenant about the owner and to the owner about the tenants. So, when the paying guests come for the final inspection, you must be ready to hand over the keys to them. It gives them a proud feel and at the same time you also get sure that the property is finally rented out. So be ready with a spare if that’s the requirement.

Be Careful about the repairs

Nothing else disappoints the tenants than the delay in repairs. So, keep notice if any repairs are required and make them on time. Before the tenant face problems, it’s better to fix them.

Stay in touch

Maintaining relations is simply about being in touch. Call you tenants once in a month to inquire if everything is Ok. It will give them a feeling that you care for them. And you do not need to sound intrusive either.

Appreciate them for the good they do

A little appreciation can certainly motivate the tenants. Praise them for keeping your property in a good condition or for never being late in paying the rent. You can send a thank you card or a bouquet off n on. Though it will be a minor expense, but the returns can be really beneficial for the future.

Finally, if you are a caring and a considerate landlord, you will definitely be able to keep your tenants happy. Additionally, above mentioned tips can be of great help. Implement and you will notice how you made it.

Sometimes you will see that small things work wonders and this is one of them. Simple ways to be pals with the people who are definitely very important for you.