Lease a warehouse, or an Industrial Space

Lease Industrial SpaceIf you have a company selling physical products, there may definitely be the need of space to store the raw material or the finished goods. Warehouses, multi-use spaces, commercial stores, etc. invariably fall under the category of industrial properties.

These properties can be used for stockpiling, merchandising, production, distribution, etc.

Since, it’s a commercial place, it’s somewhat complicated to lease a warehouse or a commercial place. There are certain things that one should ideally know. Here are a few tips, suggesting the right way to go by while looking for an industrial space.

It includes determining the commercial needs, basics of commercial leases, what to look for, where to look for and associated stuff.

Determine your commercial needs

It’s basically the nature of your business which decides what type of property you need. However, industrial properties have three major types:

• Production House
• Warehouse
• Mixed use property

All above types of industrial properties serve different purposes. While a warehouse is used for piling up the stock or the ensuing distribution of goods, a production house is the one where the manufacturing of goods is essentially done. There are chances that the production house is built specifically for producing a particular type of material. It may require unique ceiling, high-volume power resources, etc.

Apart from these two types of industrial properties, flex space is also in vogue. It’s a combination of both, a warehouse and a manufacturing house, which means you can take care of the production as well as the maintenance of the material at a single place.

So, you need to make out whether you are looking for a space to manufacture, for storage or for both.

Find the right Commercial Industry

As the things are moving online, it’s become easier to start with the search on the internet. Simply put in what your requirements are, set the filters and search the properties of your interest. You can comfortably start your search while sitting on your comfy couch. Once you have chosen the properties that appear suitable to your business, you can use online tools or your own efficiency to make out which property will serve you better.
Here are certain things you need to decide on, as you start your search

• The amount of space you need.
• How much rent you can afford monthly.
• The preferred location – Near customers, suppliers or some particular transport facilities
• The required features of your property.

The moment you feel that you are done with the research on your own and are clear with the needs, the market trends, etc. it’s time to hire a professional real estate agent to assist you in the process.

Pay a visit to the shortlisted properties

Now that you are done with the research, you must have shortlisted some industrial properties matching your requirements. So, the next step you need to take is to visit those commercial properties in person and make out if those are the ideal ones you are looking for. You can also describe your needs to the professional agents and ensure if that’s the right property for you. And, if after all this, you find that the place is not fitting your criteria, you can even ask the agent if he can make alterations and modify it as per your needs.

Eventually, finding a commercial space or a warehouse is a big step. So, take your time, research thoroughly, confirm every little thing about it and then duly sign any contract to lease the space.