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Agent or No Agent, lets help you kind of understand

For Sale by OwnerSelling one’s house or any property is considered a somewhat daunting task and all will agree that too an extent it is.
So if we talk about home selling, a seller can go 2 ways, either conduct a “For sale by owner” or sign a contract with some property agent to market the home and sell the property. However, even with more options at the disposal of the owners today, selling a house with an agent is far more convenient as against doing it yourself. Anyways something that’s been debated for long and will continue to be like that for years to come as such.

Earlier, you’d needed to post a For Sale sign outside your property, take out classified ad in the daily papers, say it out to everybody you knew, have an Open House, and if all good, wait for the best offer to come. There was no option of getting your property listed on multiple real estate sites or can say that Multiple Listing Service (MLS?) was missing. The property dealers used to manually share the properties for sale with each other, keeping in mind the buyers and sellers. Thus, the FSBO seller was certainly at a marketing disadvantage.

But today, many new real estate services have sprung up online. For pretty low amount, you can meet many potential buyers by posting your property online and including shading pictures and 360-degree virtual visits. It’s even convenient to get listed in the top real estate websites for a somewhat low price through certain packages or offers. Still an agent is really recommended to save you time and anxiety.

Here’s how may be you can cut the commission cost through for Sale by Owner

Having settled on the choice to offer your home yourself, it can be tempting to hurry up and purchase the flat fee MLS packages, you find on the web. In any case, remember a number of these listing portals are not customized to a specific market and mostly try to catch the maximum listings across the country. So, if you really want to offer your home yourself, you need to ensure that you list your property on the relevant local real estate portal only. If you check out the listing websites, you’ll notice that their packages include listing your property on numerous free, national search websites. And, it is really important to be on these portals as not being there may mean less of potential buyers.

Now before you rush off and purchase a flat fee FSBO package, understand that you could save a lot of money by visiting a few portals and doing a comparative study. Simply don’t be overwhelmed while posting your home on the MLS, staging or marketing it, or even while negotiating with potential buyers.

Or the more easy way to do is, come to Vancouver-1. Tell us what you want. One call or a meeting and rest all of stuff we’ll take care of for you. Believe us when we say it makes the life easier for you. And you really get to choose from a wide gamut of options.